North Georgia Studio Continues to Thrive

RanDesign Studio Enters Year 4

Producers and Creatives Cross the Line for Quality Video

Last year, more people than ever before visited the RanDesign Studio in Ringgold, Georgia to work on video production. Sales people and professional talent work on their pitch in front of the green screen.  Authors and business people discuss their work on the flex set. Pastors and congregants speak from the heart about their faith.

At this comfortable, full-featured studio in Ringgold, Georgia, art directors, businesses and churches alike benefit from the personal attention of Randy Liner, as he helps them carefully craft just the right message to reach their target audience.

750 square feet of dedicated space with a permanent green screen, TelePrompter, LED 5600k lights, 2 lighting grids, 8′ X 8′ silk screen Butterfly Frame with color background lighting, Cat 6 data lines, and of course, free WiFi for our guests.

Whether a single-camera shoot in front of the green screen, or multi-camera shoot with a set, full HD quality can now be yours – at an affordable price.

Call (423) 987-5665 for booking info.

RanDesign Studio Explainer – New for 2018 from randy liner on Vimeo.


Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Randy Liner, of RanDesign Media. I’ve spent my career filming on-location, in retail outlets, people’s homes, hanging out of the back of moving trucks, and of course, plenty of car lots. But for projects that required a studio setting, I was getting tired of spending time in cold warehouses or tiny break rooms.   So about 3 years ago, I made the decision to build my own studio, in Ringgold, Georgia, just south of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I drew out the plans, spec’d out studio gear, and went to work. Uh no, this was not a DIY project. This was the real deal, with a contractor, grading, pouring, cutting, hammering, and nailing – and then a few months later, hanging lights, running cable and getting everything squared away. And I gotta say, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Professionally speaking, of course.

With a large, permanent green-screen on one side, and a free space on the other side that can accommodate a second set, it’s flexible enough to suit your needs.  This is 750 square feet of dedicated studio space. Now, clients can sit in on edit sessions, and freelancers have a nice space to work while under my direction.

So what does this mean to advertisers, manufacturers, or ad agencies? Of course, I’ll still come to your store or your house to get what I need for your project, but for any green-screen project, any long-form interview or presentation, it’s an ideal setting to get the job done. I’d love for you to check it out in-person, just give me a call and we’ll line it up.