Return on Investment with Video Production

There are a wide variety of advertising options available to small businesses. The options can be overwhelming, leaving you with more questions than answers. For instance, at RanDesign we often hear, “Should I go with traditional advertising, such as TV commercials, or should I look into digital advertising, such as Facebook, e-mail campaigns, etc.?”

The answer is this – there is no correct answer! Actually, it depends on what kind of business you have. Many feel that traditional marketing is on its way out, being replaced by digital marketing. However, both approaches can have high turnover rates depending on the type of business you’re running. While statistics show a decrease in traditional marketing to consumers, there also seems to be a slight increase in expenditures in this area of advertising.

Traditional Marketing: Pros and Cons.

Much of the video production created by RanDesign Media is used on cable and broadcast outlets.  Television advertising is still a widely used and viable option to catch the attention of your desired clientele. Being seen on a trusted outlet projects credibility, and may still generate quite a bit of sales for your business. One downside to television video advertising is that there is no precise way to measure your return on investment. Additionally, it is much less engaging and interactive than digital marketing. Most people view television as a shotgun approach, making it more attractive to businesses that sell things we all need (cars, furniture, etc.) but less attractive to niche businesses.

Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons.

There’s been a significant shift from traditional to digital marketing, with online-only work now comprising roughly 20% of the creative at RanDesign Media.  One of the top reasons is that it is more affordable. Digital marketing campaigns can be tailored to the demographic that individual businesses desire. A much wider, less local audience can also be captured and sales/customer gain is much more measurable. The downside is that it can be difficult to measure advertisement turned sale in the very beginning.  Digital is more of a laser beam approach, with advertisers being able to use vast amounts of data to pinpoint their audience.

Whichever outlet you choose, the one constant is video. Using video in your advertising gives you one of the highest turnover rates for new customers. Whether it’s video production for the web, TV commercials, sales and promotional or training videos, we’d love the opportunity to work with you on any of the video services we offer at RanDesign Media.