Utilizing Video with Social Media – A Must for Your Business

There are many ways to increase success within your business. Everything from stellar employees to attention to detail to excellence in customer service all play a role. And of course, utilizing effective video production as a primary component in your marketing strategy. In today’s world, social media marketing goes an incredibly long way.

RanDesign Media produces a great deal of TV commercials for their clients, but now social media is taking the nation – and the world – by storm. Approximately 30% of RanDesign creations are now used exclusively online. That’s not to say that TV video production doesn’t still have its place, it most certainly does. But using video for digital marketing is starting to reach heights that no one ever dreamed possible.

Here are 3 ways to use video with social media from socialmediaexaminer.com:

#1: Show How to Do Something
For example, Video Meals has attracted thousands of loyal fans on Instagram by using video snapshots overlaid with spoken step-by-step instructions for creating a healthy meal. These quick videos drive traffic to the Video Meals website and ebook with a link in the description.

#2: Showcase an Event
When a popular event or celebration is coming up on the calendar, it’s likely that others in your industry will be looking for relevant content to share. Clever brands get the jump on a season, event or celebration by posting short video content that’s primed for sharing.

#3: Reveal a New Product
You don’t have to be overly promotional to showcase your products. You can make it fun by appealing to your audience’s natural curiosity. For example, try a video reveal of your newest product. It’s not only fun and creative, but it also appeals to the side of our human nature that wants to be the first to know.

These are just a few examples of ideas to use on your social media platforms, and if you’re working with us at RanDesign Media, we offer an array of marketing ideas and video services. Give us a call today!