Athens, TN

Athens, TN, dubbed “The Friendly City,” marks the halfway point between Chattanooga, TN and Knoxville, TN.  This makes it ideal for the distribution of Mayfield dairy products, which is based in Athens.  Refrigerated trucks are a common sight on the roads, as they carry milk and ice cream to states all over the Southeast.

But there are other vehicles in Athens that you won’t see on the main roads.  They may even have a sharp paint job and go fast, but they don’t have tail-lights – and are driven by children.  I’m talking about the Soap Box Derby.   More than a racing competition, entrants use valuable skills from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to construct these unique vehicles.  Since the races began in 1995, Athens has sent over 50 young people to compete in the national and international championship races.

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