Location Scouting

Let’s say you’re bringing a fi­­­lm crew to Southeast Tennessee or Northwest Georgia.  You’ve heard that natural beauty is found in abundance in this part of the world, and you’re anxious to use it as a backdrop in your next project.

You could fly a couple of people in, rent a car and driver for a few days, go to unfamiliar places and try to pry information out of the locals.  Or, you could open a dialogue with city officials who are anxious to get your business.  Or – and here’s the most favorable scenario – you could trust an experienced local to scout the location for you.

Hi, I’m Randy Liner, the Rand in RanDesign Media, and I can help.

Chattanooga, TN is known as the Scenic City for a reason.  There are so many unique spaces in and around town that are ideal for big- and small-screen storylines.