Project Management

Well-done videos don’t just happen – it’s mind-blowing the number of elements that have to come together to create even the simplest of productions.  The creative minds are brain-storming in that room, and the technical people are fine-tuning their gear over in the other room, but you’re still not quite ready.  You need an organizer to bring it all together.

Hi, I’m Randy Liner, the Rand in RanDesign Media, and I can help.  In a market the size of Chattanooga, we don’t always have the luxury of wearing just one hat on a job.  I usually direct and run camera, and sometimes take care of lighting as well.

But even if I have a director of photography, a lighting director, a production assistant or make-up person on site, the one thing I’m always doing is Project Management.

Which scene do we shoot first?  Do we have all the props?  Who is responsible for what, and where do we need to be when?

If done right, most of these decisions are made long before crew and talent show up on the day of the shoot.  Lack of preparation is known to result in inefficiency at best, and costly delays at worst.  Not to mention, it’s downright unprofessional.

Let me bring my years of experience to work for your team.

Project Management isn’t a specialty, it’s a necessity.