Here’s the scenario – your client is expecting a unique, creative, informative, and memorable script delivered to them by the end of the week, and you’re expected to crank it out for them.  But right now, you’re looking at a blank screen.  The cursor is blinking at you, saying, “C’mon, dazzle me – I’m waiting!”  But you’ve got nothing.

Hi, I’m Randy Liner, the Rand at RanDesign Media, and I can help.  I’ve developed a system for consistently generating better-than-average a content at a faster-than-usual rate.  Until this point, I’ve focused my talents on creating scripts, ideas, and concepts for my own Chattanooga-area clients, but now I want to put my skills to work for you.

It doesn’t take much to get my mind cranking in the right direction – a germ of an idea, a glimpse of a situation, a mere speck of vision, and I’ll whip up a tasty batch of advertising copy or promotional goodies.